Who we are

DigiTale is a communication agency and a network of professionals born from an idea by Paolo Casicci.

DigiTale moves from the encounter of digital platforms – the web and social networks (Digi) – with the analogical soul of the story (Tale).

DigiTale is a network of professionals and creatives that cover the entire field of consulting, from visual identity to editorial content, from photography to relations with the press.

At DigiTale we consider networking a tool and a goal. We believe in mutual exchange as a value and a medium for collective growth.

Let’s share what we love!

Paolo Casicci

I have been a journalist for over twenty years, I’m communications consultant, curator of cultural programming and professor of design in universities and academies. DigiTale was born from the idea of ​​bringing together in a single platform the variety of projects I take care of. These projects are reunited by the idea that quality must be taken by the hand and accompanied towards its public following a clear, precise path with a strong identity.

I worked for fourteen years for italian newspaper Repubblica and Venerdì di Repubblica, for which I am still writing. I write for international design magazines (Interni, Klat). In 2015 I founded the Cieloterradesign webmagazine. I design cultural programmes for public and private institutions. I am a member of the board of ADI Lazio. I teach Design Management and Storytelling at the Quasar Design University of Rome and Contemporary Design Culture at the Isia in Rome.

As Vilém Flusser wrote, design does not follow function, but merchants on their ships. In my case, design follows life: often it favors it, every so often it decides. And when it happens, it’s always wonderful!